The child's desire to imitate
adults is satisfied with items
especially scaled to his size.  He
is able to methodically master
all of the skills he needs for
When a child develops his senses,
he not only develops himself but
forms his learning tools.
There is glee when the sound "a" is at long last
graphically represented.  It is the basis of reading.
 Utilizing the child's desire to touch, the letters
are cut out and mounted for tracing.  He not only
hears the sound and sees the shape, but now into
tracing, is able to train his muscles for writing.
By manipulating these exquisitely clear materials.
your child 's understanding gains substance.  
Mathematics becomes not terrifying, but a vibrant
and inviting new dimension.
The child's creativity is unlimited.  Imagination
is a great tool for one's master piece.
Play is an important part of a child's day.  It
encourages social interaction with his/her peers.  
Developing the child's communication skills.
Working with the shape and dimension helps the
child with composition, arrangement and form.

ABC Montessori Child Care
"The child has his own laws of development; it is a question
of following these, not of imposing ourselves upon him."

                                                             Dr. Maria Montessori

The Curriculum

Infant / Toddler
The Montessori program provides the sense of security, nurturing and loving care
that infants and toddlers need to thrive during this stage of intense learning.  Since
infants and toddlers are committed to achieving independence.  The directress
provides responsive individual attention as your child deals with positive
experiences as well as frustrations.  The curriculum takes advantage of the rapid
growth of the fine and gross motor skills at this stage of development.
Focus is on the key development areas namely: sensorial and perpetual
development, self-help skills, physical and motor skills and social and emotional

Practical Life
The child luxuriates in the practical life exercises because they enable him to
function confidently and completely in the activities of his everyday life.  The child is
attracted to the things that give him independence and control his life.  The delight
for the child is in the doing.  While he is enthralled with the exercise, he is
developing his concentration, his attention to detail and his coordination of
The myriad of wonderful new sensations surround the child continually.  The
sensorial materials activate a child's absorption of these new impressions.  They
enable him to categorize and organize the unfamiliar with the familiar.  Each piece
of material isolates one definite quality of a sense -- color, size, weight, shape,
texture or sound.  Each piece of material stimulates extensive vocabulary building.
The world of numbers and their function is presented to your child in most logical,
understandable and exciting manner.  Each mathematical concept has a concrete
piece of apparatus to embody it.  This concrete quality allows him to progress to a
realm of fractions and geometry.
The child has learned the oral language naturally.  He automatically absorbed it
from his environment.  It is the directress who brings these words to life.  Games fill
the child with a love of sounds which become personalized.  The Montessori child
begins reading when he is ready, and proceeds at his own pace.
Art is an important part of all life.  It is the expression of the spirit of man.  Indirect
preparation for art is necessary.  Movement exercises are essential to gain body
control.  Sensorial materials work with colors, shapes and texture helps prepare the
child.  Materials which develop the pincer grasp aid the child in using a pencil,
crayon and brush.