Terms and Conditions

Payment Schedule
All payment are due in advance, no later than the Friday prior to the week child
care will be provided by cash, check or money order.
If you prefer, you may pay by month at the beginning of the current month.  The
monthly payment would be the same as the weekly rate just multiplied by the
number of Mondays the current month has.
In the unlikely event of a returned check for insufficient funds, I will require a
$25.00 service charge in addition to the repayment and any extra bank
charges I may incur as a result of the inconvenience.
Upon request I will provide a written receipt of the tuition paid.

Trial Period and Termination of Care
The first two (2) weeks are considered probationary for everyone, care may be
terminated anytime during that period by parent/guardian or myself.
After the probation period, the tuition agreement may be terminated by either
the parents/guardian or myself by giving four (4) weeks written notice, payment
for the four (4) weeks will be accepted in lieu of notice.  However, if we
consider the emotional and/or physical safety of any/or all children, and/or staff
of ABC Montessori Child Care, are at risk we may terminate care immediately;
requiring the payment of the four (4) weeks to be paid at the time of notice.

The parent/guardian is required to sign the child/ren in upon arrival and sign
out during pick up.
We will not release any child/ren into the custody of anyone without prior
authorization from the parent/guardian.
Absences due to illness or vacation are not deductable from the tuition.
Please communicate your vacation plans to us in advance so as to guide us
in our scheduling and work preparation.

Holiday, Professional Development and Sick Days
Parents are responsible for finding back up care during the closure of our
program.  Full week payments are expected for the weeks that contain a
holiday in which the child care will be closed.
Please check holiday schedule of the corresponding year for the specific days.
 The typical holidays which ABC Montessori will be closed include: New Year's
Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving weekend and the Christmas break.
ABC Montessori staff may take up to three (3) personal days and three (3)
professional development days paid during a calendar year, but only with at
least a four (4) week notice.
Working with children of different families, it is expected that we might become
ill occasionally.  Therefore, we reserve the option to take up to five (5) days
paid sick days per calendar year.  We are taking every precaution necessary to
avoid this and we will attempt to give you as much notice as possible when
we close due to illness.

Wellness Policy
When is a child too sick to attend child care?  Most children with mild illness
can safely participate in a child care environment.  However, a child may be
too sick when:
~the child does not feel well enough to participate in the day's activities
~the child has any of the following symptoms: (1) fever over 101F, (2) diarrhea,
(3) vomiting more than once within 24 hours, (4) rash accompanied by fever or
(5) behavioral changes.
~the child has been diagnosed to have any viral, bacterial or infectious
disease as diagnosed by a health care professional (e.i. conjunctivitis, head
lice, strep throat, chicken pox, mumps to name a few).

Administration of Medication
Parent/Guardian must fill up the Medication Authorization form prior to any
administration of any kind of medication (prescription or over the counter).  
Medicines are to be labeled, dosage specified and time of administration of
said medicine are to be written in the authorization form and medicine bottle.  
The staff will log all medications given to any child at any given time, stating
the time given, medicine given, dosage and who gave said medication.

Parent/Guardian will be responsible for providing the following supplies for
your child (Please label all items):
~diapers / pullups
~diaper wipes
~diaper rash ointment
~all medications (prescription or over the counter)
~blanket, pillow or sleeping bag to be used during nap time
~sun screen lotion
~spare clothes
~breastmilk, formula and baby foods for infants
~training cup
~special foods needed due to allergies and specific/special diets
All other supplies will be provided but donations of any kind (food or materials)
will are welcome and greatly be appreciated.

ABC Montessori Child Care